Dissemination of work

The goal is to support, facilitate and promote the presence of GDR members at various symposia. This deployment will take place within the AFSP’s institutional framework “Globalisation, Circulation, transnationalisation”. The other target is to establish an annual panel devoted to multilateral action at the yearly congresses of the International Studies Association, the International Political Science Association and the European International Studies Association.

Gilles Bertrand, Centre Emile Durkheim, UMR 5116
Milena Dieckhoff, Centre Michel de L’Hospital, EA 4232
Samuel Faure, PRINTEMPS, UMR 8085
Delphine Placidi-Frot, PRINTEMPS, UMR 8085
Marie Saiget, CERAPS, UMR 8026
Adrien Fauve, PRINTEMPS, UMR 8085