Research seminar

The GRAM seminar at CERI will take place every three weeks. A space for dialogue on research that is in progress or in its dissemination phase, the seminar is a crucial part of GRAMs activities. The pedagogical dimension to the seminar can be seen through its regular participants who are Masters’ and Doctoral students. In terms of career path, it is relevant to doctoral students who in their first year, in international relations, work on multilateral issues. The attendees of this seminar include a number of professionals such as diplomats, experts from intergovernmental organisations and heads of non-governmental organisations. You will find the annual program of 2021-2022 here and the upcoming sessions in the agenda.

Presentation of the research seminar
From a socio-historical and trans-disciplinary perspective, the seminar of the Research Group on Multilateral Action (GRAM) aims to discuss change at the international level, focusing on international organisations.
It is less a space for the presentation of current research work and more a moment of collective discussion around research: questions relating to the state of research, methods and results of research presented by guests.

This GRAM event is a research seminar. It is open to the public, but is mainly intended for researchers: students, PhD students and experienced researchers from any and all laboratories.

For more information, please refer to the French website.

Guillaume Devin, CERI, UMR 7050
Anaëlle Vergonjeanne, CERI, UMR 7050
Alix Defrain-Meunier, CERI, UMR 7050