The GRAM is the result of inter- and extra-university partnerships and aims to draw on all of those interested in the multilateral world to form a research community open to practice. It thus highlights the work accomplished over many years by teams that are spatially dispersed but highly mobilized in the promotion of the sociology of international organizations.

Today, the GRAM intends to strengthen its partnerships in a pluralist perspective, anchored in the conviction that the magnitude of global issues requires the participation of the greatest number of people. To this end, the GRAM aims to forge links with the world of practice, in particular with individuals who circulate in and around international organizations. It also relies on academic partners in France and elsewhere.

Ongoing initiatives:
– The GRAM is co-organizing, since January 2021, a series of (internal) seminars with the CAPS (Center for Analysis, Forecasting and Strategy) of the French foreign ministry on the current crisis of multilateralism
– The GRAM is associated with the Kofi Annan Foundation and the French Association for the United Nations in the framework of the Léon Bourgeois thesis award
– The GRAM has initiated its association with partner universities in the framework of its Observatory of Multilateralism and International Organizations, notably with the University of Lausanne.

Mélanie Albaret, Centre Michel de L’Hospital, EA 4232
Lucile Maertens, UNIL, IEP/CRHIM