Léon Bourgeois Prize

01 juin 2021 par Sarah Tanke
The Prix Léon Bourgeois is an initiative led by the Research Group on Multilateral Action (GDR-GRAM-CNRS) with the support of the French Association for the United Nations (AFNU) and the Kofi Annan Foundation (FKA).




Léon Bourgeois passed away nearly one hundred years ago. This politician and theorist of solidarity, who held several governmental and parliamentary posts under the Third Republic, was also a pioneer and an inspiration for the League of Nations, of which he was the first President of the Council in 1920. In the same year, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Léon Bourgeois Prize is intended to honour this great figure of peace by rewarding high-level academic work on international cooperation. It wishes to encourage research in the vast field of multilateral action and to serve as much as possible the spirit of conciliation and peace that accompanies it.

Purpose of the Prize
The Léon Bourgeois Prize rewards an academic work on international cooperation: its history, its institutions, its actors. It will reward a social sciences approach to the phenomena and a reflection on the changes brought by the multiple forms of cooperation to contemporary international relations. The multilateral dimension of international cooperation will be privileged.

Conditions for participation
The Prize is open to Master 2 research memoires and PhD theses. The work must be written in French. For more information, please refer to the French website.

The jury of the Prize is composed of nine members: three members of the GRAM, three members appointed by the AFNU and three members appointed by the Kofi Annan Foundation. The members of the jury have a one-year mandate, renewable once. Their responsibility is limited to the evaluation of the works submitted according to the criteria below.

Criteria for awarding the Prize
The scientific merits that the jury considers are the originality of the research, the rigour of the methods used, the importance of the contribution to the knowledge of international cooperation and the quality of the results for both researchers and practitioners.

Amount and awarding of the Prize
1,000 euros are awarded by the GRAM to the PhD thesis and 500 euros to the Master 2 thesis. It is presented jointly by the GRAM management and the nine members of the jury.